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Get your sleep back

Online Course

Know-how for healthy and restful sleep

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Sounds familiar?

You can finally call it a day. Work done, kids already in their beds, no interesting posts on social media. Isn’t it the best time of the day?

For others, perhaps. You know what comes next.

  • Will the pill work this time?
  • For how long will I be fidgeting before falling asleep?
  • How many times will I wake up this night?

And it used to be so easy, right? You could fall sleep without any special aids and even a sound of siren wouldn't wake you up. Want to get your sleep back? Well...

If you change nothing, nothing will change

Think about it: Sleep issues won’t disappear magically with time. The older you get, the worse your sleep becomes.

You’ll need stronger and stronger medications, be exhausted on a regular basis and use more and more sick leaves.

Is that what you aim for?

There can be many reasons why you can’t sleep well.

  • Stress at work
  • A chronic illness
  • Noisy neighbours

But what if all you need is sufficient sleep hygiene that will make you sleep like a log?

The online course Get Your Sleep Back will provide you with skills that will help you achieve a good night sleep.

You’ll get to know all steps that need to be covered to get your body and mind back on the sleeping track.

See what you’ll gain if you decide to Get Your Sleep Back:

  1. More energetic and productive days.

No motivational self-help book will bring about such tremendous effects!

  1. Stronger immune system

Studies show that blood cells responsible for fighting all germs grow best during sleep.

  1. Better mood

Not only because you’ll finally be rested. It is proven that good sleep protects you against depression.

No negative side effects so well known to all sleep pill users.

Fine, but how come?

No magic here. We’ve combined expertise of best sleep doctors from all around the world and want to share with you what we’ve learnt.

Here is the schedule of our course:

Part 1: Why and how do we sleep

Get to know some biology of sleep. Understand what exactly happens when you close your eyes - how your brain work changes, what the muscles do and whether it all stays the same for the whole night. Find out what the consequences are if your sleep is disturbed.

Part 2: Methods for the good sleep

Once you understand how important it is to sleep well, learn the best practices that will help you get there. Should you always go to bed at the same time? How to breathe to fall asleep faster? What to do if you wake up way too early?

Part 3: Time to practice

Here you’ll find some tricks that will help you implement what you’ve learned into daily (and nighty) life. Some additional materials can’t wait to guide you through the whole process. You can download a special sleep plan which organizes your new sleep routine. You can also listen to our guided mindfulness practices that will make you wind down just before the bedtime. And much more!

How will I learn all of it?

Each of the Get Your Sleep Back modules is divided into 10 about 20 minutes long lessons. You can listen to them while travelling to work, walking with a dog, laying in a bath or whenever you wish to. You’ll get year-long access to the course platform as soon as you buy the course.

Additional materials can be downloaded any time and will stay with you forever.

Can this course change anything? Who prepared it?

Hi, I am doctor Sara Portman, I am the leader of Get Your Sleep Back team. I have been working at California Sleep Institute for over 15 years. I helped hundreds of patients restore their healthy sleep and therefore - healthy life.

At californiasleepintitute.com you can find opinions of our patients about our sleep program. Let me warn you - 98% of them are positive.

If you wish, in Get Your Sleep Back course, I reveal what to do, to achieve such effects as my patients do.

Are you ready for sleep change?

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Have more questions?

Leave them in comments and soon we’ll add FAQ page.

Healthy sleep is in our human nature. But sometimes we need reminding.